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Solo Portrait Drawing

What is portrait drawing?

Portrait drawing is all about capturing your raw emotion through hand drawn pictures. In it’s simplest form, a portrait of someone is a time capsule. One that acts as a permanent record of how you were at a certain point in your life. I suppose you could call it a hand-drawn momento. One that portrait drawing artists like me, can produce for you in a matter of days.

Why are solo portrait drawings a good idea?

Think personalised portraits are ‘just a picture’? Think again.

Really look into what a portrait actually is and you’ll soon see that these personalised drawings come with WAY more perks than you initially thought. So many in fact, that I can’t list them, so here’s just five…

Benefits of a portrait drawing

  • Spontaneous gifts – Okay, so there’s no getting around the fact that portraits are one of those gifts that’s a bit outside the box – i.e. the ones that make for the best surprises! So, whether the occasion’s a birthday, anniversary, school graduation or you’re just looking for something kooky to send out to your family abroad, personalised drawings offer something next to no other gift does. They’re personal, don’t require batteries and are completely unexpected.

  • Documenting progression – During life, we go through a lot of changes, especially when we’re young. Changes that for most part, happen so fast that we neglect to even notice them unfold – perks of being so engrossed with ‘life’, I guess. However that’s not to say these changes can’t be caught. Whatever your age, portrait drawing is a great way to capture and commemorate these milestones. Something I kind of wish I’d done with my son, as like all kids, he’s grown so quick!

  • Self confidence – Ask a group of psychologists and they’ll tell you that self confidence has everything to do with body image – i.e. how you perceive yourself. Which is exactly why having a solo portrait can give you such a boost. A helpful tool if you’re toying with the idea of becoming a model or just getting back out there on the dating scene. I guess sometimes we just need to be shown how beautiful we really are.

  • A homage to lost loved ones – Remember: portrait drawing doesn’t have to be based on a current picture. A portrait can incorporate anything and anyone. So, if you’ve experienced a loss, you could actually draw that person back in. Think of it as stitching your family back together. These commemorative portraits are more commonly known as memorial drawings.

  • IDEA: Got high quality pictures of three, four, maybe even five generations of your family? If so, you could even get a personalised drawing done of your entire family tree. Just a thought.

How do hand drawn portraits work?

Solo portraits may look complex, but for seasoned portrait artists like me, they’re actually pretty straight forward. In fact, because they’re a solo portrait, the image itself can be bigger, which means that your average solo portrait will contain a slightly higher level of detail when compared to a group shot.

Choose me and you’d start off by filling me in on your ideas and send me across a photograph of you or your loved one. But before I crack out the crayons, there’d be one thing I’d urge you to bear in mind…

Quality of your photographs – I cannot stress how important hight quality photographs are, as in the end, the definition of the photograph determines the quality of the portrait, so please bear this in mind. Files should be at least over 1MB.

It’s only after I receive a high quality picture that my Derwents come out of hiding and get down to the actual portrait drawing, using your chosen colour.

Now, of course there’s quite a lot that goes into the actual drawing, so for the full lowdown on how I work, be sure to check out my drawing process.

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