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How To Draw Pudsey Bear In Steps – Just 4 In Fact! Grab Your Pencils…

No joke - drawing Pudsey Bear isn’t as hard as you might think!

How to draw Pudsey Bear is a skill that everyone (and I mean everyone) should master. And before you ask, nope, the BBC haven’t pay me a penny to say that. Neither have they paid me to tell you that drawing Pudsey Bear is the ideal starting point for any wannabe artist – I’m just dead certain that he is. 

Really look at Pudsey and he’s far more than just another stuffed toy. He’s a national icon, who’s helped to raise over £1 Billion pounds for Children In Need since his debut in 1985 – more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetime! Not only that, but from an artistic point of view, he’s relatively simple to draw too.

Although saying that, mastering how to draw Pudsey Bear first-time isn’t guaranteed. You see, while on the surface, Pudsey may seem pretty simplistic, like a more charitable version of Woody or Buzz Lightyear, to draw him accurately does require a good grasp of proportion, as well as a steady hand. 

Let’s just say that without these, he can very easily turn out looking more ‘in need’ than he should. So avoid this from happening, keep reading, and I’ll guide you through how to draw Pudsey Bear step by step.

After something specific about drawing Pudsey Bear? Or just eager to know how to draw Pudsey Bear’s face? Use the menu below to get clued up on Pudsey at rapid pace…

Step 1 of drawing Pudsey Bear: Define the basic shapes

With a Pudsey Bear drawing, you simply cannot underestimate the basics. If you want achieve the best likeness, then spending the time to master the proportions is a ‘must’. Think of them as the foundations of your picture. So just like when building a house, rushing these when drawing Pudsey Bear will only cause you complications later on. 

Exactly why first, I’d encourage you to put your pencil away. As in the end, you can only really grasp how to draw Pudsey Bear by breaking your picture down into its core shapes – so this would be his body, arms and ears. Do so in your head first and when you come to put pencil to paper, you’ll be far more likely you’ll get things right first time. Besides, as great as rubbers are, they do make a considerable mess. 

In my case then, his body’s basically two sets of brackets (i.e. these parenthesis) – one encased inside the other. Another way to think of it would be two circles that’ve had both the top and bottom rubbed out. Either way, get your spacing right here and the circle for his head should sit rather well on-top of the two. 

Then all that’s left to do is factor in two semi-circles for his ears. Both at roughly 45 degrees of the centre-point. Oh and don’t forget to finish these off, by drawing a slightly smaller semi-circle inside. 

how to draw pudsey bear

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Step 2 of how to draw Pudsey Bear: Make the basics look more bear-like

Now you’ve mastered the basics of drawing Pudsey Bear, the next thing to do would be to give him a pair of legs and paws. Here’s when you should see your drawing suddenly become a lot more ‘bear-like’. And the great thing is that to give him legs is actually pretty simple.

Add a swooshy curve that coincides with the bottom of his body and you should see his legs begin to take shape. Add a circle at the end of each and suddenly two feet will appear. Then, to morph these feet quickly into paws, all you have to do is draw two ovals – one inside each of the circles you’ve just drawn. Offset these towards the outer edge of each circle (as pictured), and you should achieve a nice 3D paw affect. 

So if you’ve got this far, you’ve practically mastered the basics of how to draw pudsey bear. The only thing left would be to add two more ovals in-between the end of the two sets of brackets, to create his other two paws – i.e. bear hands. I like to do these so they’re resting on his legs, but how long you make his arms is completely up to you. 

how to draw pudsey bear face

Step 3 of drawing Pudsey Bear: Bring him to life with details

Okay, so for most of you, this will be no doubt be the highlight of drawing Pudsey Bear, as this is when your picture really starts to come alive. 

The detail I always start with is his iconic spotted eye patch, as it’s the shape, size and angle of this this that’ll determine where you place his eyes, nose and mouth. Put simply it’s basically a swoosh across the left side of his face. However, to give mine a bit more depth, I’ve added an extra V-shaped line that runs up to the top of his head, to create the allusion that it’s synched fabric, and not just some sort of extravagant plaster. 

From here you can then add in the rest of his facial features. Don’t think I need to spell out how to draw Pudsey Bear’s face though, as apart from the scarf, it’s very much straight forward. Adding the buttons should be a doddle too. 

The only other complex part of drawing Pudsey Bear would be with his two ‘bear-hands’, which I’ve turned from straight ovals into something more hand-like. Doesn’t take much – just a rubber and a couple of curved lines. Use my drawing as a guide if you get stuck. 

And speaking of rubbers, don’t put it away just yet, as you’ll need it to create the fur affect – the part of your picture where you can really get creative! Although contrary to what you might think, the actual idea behind this isn’t just to give the illusion of fur. You see, when you’re drawing Pudsey Bear using geometric shapes, the end result can look slightly basic, especially if you don’t break the outline with some jagged edges. 

My favourite places to do so are on the tips of his ears, the ends of his elbows and by adding a small tuft in the centre of his head. But don’t just copy me – freestyle it yourself. Where you place these and how far you go to combat this ‘geometricness’, is completely up to you. 

pudsey bear drawing

Like how Pudsey’s turning out? Let me do the same for you!!

Step 4 of how to draw Pudsey Bear: Blend, shade or fill

Now, you could of course stop at Step 3, but if you’re feeling brave, you can take your drawing of Pudsey Bear one step further. This could be either by filling in the drawing with block colour – yellow and red felt tips are ideal for this. Or you could opt to shade in Pudsey using pencil crayons. Either would work well, although with me being a portrait artist, I do prefer the latter. 

So if you choose to follow suit, the main thing I’d say is to really consider where the light is coming from. If you have a stuffed Pudsey Bear at home, sit him up in front of a desk lamp and really analyse how and where the light falls on his fur. Saying that though, with him being a character and not a person, the shading is thankfully a lot easier than with a portrait. 

Ask me and the only areas you’ll need to really pay attention to, is anywhere around his arms or tummy. The creases in the headscarf may also be something to watch. Apart from that though, how to draw Pudsey Bear and shade him in, is actually quite simple. 

drawing pudsey bear
Interested to see how I’ve shaded Pudsey? Zoom in and you should be able to see

Congrats! You’ve now learnt how to draw Pudsey Bear in steps. Told you it was simple!

So, if you’re particularly fond of your finished picture, I’d encourage you to share it with me over social media. I’m always interested to see how others interpret my tutorials. Oh and don’t forget to tag me!

Plus, if you found this article useful and want to learn how to draw other inspirational figures, animals, cars – you name it – be sure to check out the rest of my Drawing Blog and follow me on IG for updates on my latest work

Stay drawing!

Karen XxX

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Here’s why you should get drawing Pudsey Bear

What colour was Pudsey Bear originally? 

Although you may know Pudsey as the BBC’s furry yellow friend, he hasn’t always looked like how he does today. In fact, the Pudsey we know and love today was created back in 2007. Prior to that he was still yellow, but had a slightly different look about him – i.e. he looked more serious than smiley. And before 1986, he wasn’t even yellow at all! 

He was a brown bear with white accents on his ears, who sported a red headscarf that was covered in black triangles. Look at the picture below and you’ll see his buttons were also different too. Opposed to the two buttons he has today, the original Pudsey Bear had three, embellished with the letters B,B,C.

Why is the bear called Pudsey?

Live in Yorkshire (like me) and you should already know this. The meaning behind Pudsey Bear’s name stems back to the roots of his designer, Joanna Ball – a Yorkshire lass brought up in the town of Pudsey. For those who don’t know Yorkshire that well, Pudsey is town that’s famous for wool manufacture and located just outside Bradford.

Why does Pudsey wear an eyepatch? 

Why Pudsey Bear wears an eyepatch, headscarf, whatever you want to call it – has never actually been explained. Although you’d assume that it’s because, being a mascot for charity, he needs to look somewhat ‘in need’. Saying that, throughout every iteration of Pudsey Bear’s design, it’s stuck, so it can’t just purely be there for decoration. 

What is the girl Pudsey Bear called?  

Yes, after all these years Pudsey Bear’s finally gone and got himself a girlfriend. Her name’s Blush Bear and rather ironically if you ask me, she’s a brown bear that was introduced in 2009 to attract  more corporate partners to Children In Need. The reason I say ‘ironically’ is because I can’t help but think the Blush is actually as secret homage to the original 1985 Pudsey Bear. But despite that, she’s yet to attract the same strong fanbase of her BF – what can we say, Pudsey must be more of a smooth talker. 

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