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Family Portrait Drawing

What are personalised family drawings?

Personalised family portraits are arguably one of the most heart-warming types of portrait you can have done. In a nutshell, family portraits are much like they sound – a collection of singular portraits combined to make a bespoke family momento.

Now, most of the time, these portraits will be hand drawn from a group photo. However it is possible to create a family portrait from individual photos too. So, sort of a family portrait mashup if you like. Quite helpful if certain members of your family are not what you’d call photogenic.

But hang on, what is a memorial drawing?

Yes, there’s a subtle difference between a family drawing and a memorial drawing. You see, while a family drawing is simply (as above) a drawing of your family, a memorial drawing takes this drawing and adds a whole new layer of meaning to it.

So you remember how we said you could make a family portrait from individual photos? Well, this is one of the major perks of doing so. As by doing a memorial drawing, you’re drawing in a loved one who’s passed or using an older photograph to shave off a couple of years off their complexion.

IDEA: You could even turn a memorial drawing into a timeline, and draw the same person at different time of their life. One to think about!

Why is a family portrait a good idea?

Okay, so a family portrait drawing is one of the most commemorative types of portrait that you can get your hands on. What’s more, aside from triggering memories and being the ideal momento, a family portrait drawing comes with a whole ream of perks too. Here’s just a few…

Benefits of a family portrait drawing?

  • No awkward poses – Everyone has someone in their family that just isn’t photogenic. You know, the one’s who conveniently shut their eyes or face the other way whenever a camera’s pointed in their direction. In other words, the saboteur of family photographs. But thankfully, this is where hand drawn portraits can save the day

  • You see, as long as you mange to capture at least one natural photo of this person, then by drawing a family portrait from individual photos, you can practically draw out this visual hiccup. I guess you could say it’s a more hands-on version of photoshop.

  • Spontaneous gifts – You can’t deny that portraits are one of those gifts that are a bit outside the box – i.e. the ones that make for the best surprises! And having a family portrait is no exception. Reason being that because drawing portraits from photos is how most portrait artists (like me) work, then you can have one done completely under the radar. In other words, give them the finished portrait, opposed to just the money to get one done. Far more impactful if you ask me!

  • Document growth – Not a day goes by that we don’t evolve, especially for young ones. Only trouble is, we live such busy lives that we very often forget to just stop and cherish the present moment. Something that a family portrait can really hammer home. Get one done every couple of years and you’ll really notice a difference.

How does family portrait drawing work?

Personalised family drawings are arguably some of the most thorough and in-depth pieces that portrait artists (like me) will ever have the privilege of drawing. So as you can imagine, they differ quite substantially to your average solo portrait. Choose me and you’d start off by filling me in on your ideas and send me across a photograph (or a collection of photographs) of you and your loved ones. But before I crack out the crayons, there’d be a just a couple of things to note…

  • Quality of your photographs – I cannot stress how important hight quality photographs are, as in the end, the definition of the photograph determines the quality of the portrait, so please bear this in mind. Files should be at least over 1MB.

  • Number of subjects – How many family members do you want to include? Three? Five? Seven? Reason being that portrait drawing artists (like me) will usually charge per portrait, not per picture.

  • Positioning – If you’re after a family drawing that comprises of more than one photograph, then having the order in which you’d like them to be drawn would be useful too.
It’s only after I have answers to all these that my Derwents come out of hiding and get down to the actual portrait drawing, using your chosen colour. Now, of course there’s quite a lot that goes into the actual drawing, so for the full lowdown on how I work, be sure to check out my drawing process.

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