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Cute Things To Draw For Your Girlfriend: Here’s 12 Ways To Impress Her!!

Fancy being a bit spontaneous? Here’s some romantic things to draw for your girlfriend…

Okay, so out of all the things to draw for your girlfriend, anything ‘cute’ is kudos. Why is most likely because ‘cute’ is what the majority of us look for in a guy… although we don’t always confess it. In fact, it’s something we usually act like we don’t care about, when secretly, we do.

But that’s not to say that as a guy, you can’t use this to your advantage – you most certainly can! Especially now, what with technology making being classed as ‘cute’, SO much easier. You see, back when I was courting, eyeing up cute things to draw for your girlfriend wasn’t all that uncommon. Being the arty type, it was actually pretty standard in my friendship group. 

However today, with this digital revolution, you could say the tables have turned. If the modern man starts searching “cute things to draw for your girlfriend”, suddenly he’s spontaneous, wacky and even a bit old school – AKA worth holding onto. So I suppose you could say that this slightly funky approach towards giving, is nothing but a gaping chance to impress. In which case, you need to read on and discover my top 12 things to draw for your girlfriend.

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How to draw CUTE things for your girlfriend??

Before diving headfirst into the best cute things to draw for your GF, you first need to get a grasp of what she defines as cute. After all, that’s what we’re aiming for here, so to not at first identify it, would be a slight rookie mistake. 

To do so you’ll really need to evaluate her personality. Take into account her likes, dislikes and even some of her pet peeves. Does anything you do make her smile or drive her up the wall? Fathom this and there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to narrow down which of these things to draw your girlfriend are worth your time. Struggling? Then asking yourself these questions…

  • What does she like about me? Out of all the guys out there, why me?
  • Is there anything in particular that gives her puppy eyes? 
  • What can she just NOT go without? (aside from me of course)
  • Does she have anything that’s particularly close to her heart?
  • What’s her style like? Vintage? Modern? Contemporary? A bit nerdy?

Build up this picture, and you should be far more clued up on the best things to draw for your girlfriend. Something that should give you a far better chance of choosing wisely, opposed to just crossing your fingers and taking a lucky dip.

Don’t have the time to draw something for your Girlfriend? Let’s work together…

Why it’s good to know things to draw for your girlfriend

With drawing being such a rarity these days (i.e. something the modern man doesn’t typically do), that gives it such power. Do what 99% of guys aren’t doing and you automatically zing out from the rest. And it’s not like it’d be for a bad reason. 

You see, as much as the modern GF is engrossed in tech, she’s also got a soft spot for something handcrafted. I know because it’s not just her – we all do. I mean, in a world where we’re so accustomed to type faces, digital images and the white light of a screen, who wouldn’t be jolly well surprised by something hand drawn? So much so that drawing her a picture could really be all that’s needed to make her realise you’re a keeper – i.e. that rare specimen she can’t let go! 

Besides, you know what they say – “actions speak louder than words”. Don’t believe me? Here’s a few reasons why you should seriously consider learning a bunch of cute things to draw for your girlfriend…

  • Drawings can diffuse arguments – Fact remains that sometimes relationships can get a bit choppy. By that I mean that words aren’t always the best fix, and if anything, can just make the situation worse. This is where drawing comes in. If words aren’t really doing it, then giving her a hand-drawn picture may actually be the best way to get through to her. Call it a second artistic language if you must. 
  • Art is sexy – As any art lover (like myself) will tell you, art is all about expression. It’s extracting what’s in your head and channelling it onto a piece of paper. So to say it’s a gateway to your feelings wouldn’t be far wrong. What’s more, to channel emotions into your art takes a lot of guts. Guts that (in her eyes) make you appear confident and at the same time, in command of your emotions – i.e. you’re a man, not a boy.
  • Drawings are spontaneous – Okay, so you can’t afford to curb the fact that us women are like magnets to spontaneity. The element of surprise is Bae! But then again, can you blame us? I mean when you really look at it, who isn’t after an adventure or looking to be surprised? Precisely why someone who drew for us completely out of the blue, would likely hold our interest. Why? Because there’s more to them than meets the eye. They’re a mystery that we’re desperate to unravel.

12 cute things to draw for your girlfriend

Okay, so now that you understand why cracking out your pencil crayons for that special someone is a wise idea, now’s the time to get your head around what these cute things to draw for your girlfriend actually are. So, because there’s no right or wrong here as everyone’s GF is different, I’ve put together a selection of ideas to get you started – call it things to draw for your girlfriend 101…

1: Draw a classic cartoon character

Even though the majority of children’s television is now modern animation, most of us still have a special place in our heart for comics and cartoons. So, be she into old school Disney flicks or Marvel & DC, drawing her a cartoon could well be a playful way to get your point across. 

What’s more, your average cartoons consists of block colours, opposed to shading and tones, so compared to the average portrait, they’re a lot easier to draw – i.e. ideal if you’re looking to whip something up in a short space of time. 

What this tells your GF: 

“Heads up – I’m very much aware of your almost obsessive Disney fetish. But you know what, as unconventional as it sounds, I kinda dig it. I guess you really are my Minnie!”

goofy cartoons to draw for your girlfriend

2: Design your own comic strip

Now, if you want to take your cartoonage to the next level, then you could go one step further and design your very own comic strip. Obviously, this would take a hefty amount of planning to pull off, but you can’t deny that depicting your GF as the leading lady in your own super-action-packed story, is beyond the expected. Romantic too if you write it well. 

So much so that you can’t really deny that it’s one of those cute things to draw your girlfriend. It just is! Go as far as to frame your masterpiece, so she can hang it up for all to see, and chances are her heart will melt. Well, either that or she’ll become that gobsmacked that she’ll do you something special in return. Neither of which is a bad thing, so…

What this tells your GF:

“Look! Aside from fitting together in real life, in a fictional world we’re also the perfect match. I guess life with you really is like living our own action movie.”

3: Turn her into a caricature

Don’t be mistaken – not all cute things to draw for your girlfriend are overly lovey dovey. In fact, being cheeky instead of borderline soppy, could well be another way to raise her eyebrows. After all, they say a good sense of humour is the key to someone’s heart. So it’s no wonder a caricature falls into this ‘cute’ category.

Through doing so you’d emphasise certain features of your GF, usually as a subtle nod to part of her personality or her other ‘physical assets’. So for instance, if she never stops talking, her mouth will be massive. As will her eyes if they put you in a trance. I mean, really how far you take it depends on how flatting (cough) brutal you wish to be.

Although, it’s worth noting that caricatures can be stoney ground. By that I mean if you take them too far, they can very quickly turn from ‘cute’ into a character assassination – the exact opposite of what you’re after (gulp)!

What this tells your GF:

“Okay, so while I do love you to bits, I’m not going to lie, your mouth is bigger than most. But (before you snap my head off) your eyes do come a close second… (puppy eyes).”

Don’t have a steady hand like me? Reach out… I do drawings on demand

4: A pair of hands holding each other tight

Interlocked hands are a universal symbol of romance – fact. So to say that drawing your hands clasped tightly together isn’t one of those cute things to draw your girlfriend, would be a bit of a misfire. Besides, to literally draw attention to the bond between you both is hardly un-cute, right?

Not only that but if you’re wanting to make your GF your W.I.F.E, then drawing a pair of hands could be a slightly more unorthodox way to propose. Picture this: you draw a pair of hands, but subtly plant two rings in-between the fingers. You then ask her to recreate the picture and… cue the wedding bells. 

What this tells your GF:

“Holding your hand truly is special. So much so that I thought I’d capture the feeling through a picture… and trick you into marrying me.”

how to draw cute things for your girlfriend

5: A self portrait of the lucky lady (from memory)

Yes – there’s truly few more romantic things to draw for your girlfriend than a portrait of herself, especially if it’s all done from memory. Now granted, it’s not what you’d call seductive or arousing, but you see that’s not the point. It’s the act of doing so that’s mega cute!

Put it this way, if someone was able to capture your likeness using nothing more than a dusty memory and a pencil, I’m pretty sure you’d be impressed. Just like she will, because you doing so shows her that only are you a dab hand with a pencil, but also that you notice the little things too. So much so that you don’t just love her. You love her for the way she is. 

What this tells your GF:

“Okay, so you may find this a tad cringe, but… I do know you better than you think. So much so that I knew you’d be creasing when you first saw it, but it’d be something you’d gradually learn to love – like me I guess.”

6: Give her the gift of flowers… on paper

Mention romance and no doubt flowers will worm their way into the conversation. Reason being that a good bunch of these exotic plants come with their own symbolic meanings. Many of which just so happen to relate to love or romance. 

The typical red Rose for instance, is an iconic symbol of love. Azaleas are known to symbolise womanhood. And a bunch of spring Daffodils say that the sun will always shine as long as you and the receiver are together. But that’s not to say that just drawing flowers is a good idea. 

Take a class in origami and you could really make flowers one of, if not ‘the’, most cute things to draw for your girlfriend. How? Create an oragami flower, then use your drawing skills to shade in the petals and stamens to create a sort of 3D piece of art. Just a thought.

What this tells your GF: 

“I know ALL of your quirks! For instance, I know you’re allergic to Hollyhox… which is why I’ve made you a 3D paper model of it to carry with you everywhere you go (jokes)”

7: Be metaphorical

Look back and you’ll see that some of the most memorable moments are lightbulb moments. You know, when at first glance you’re like “hang on a minute?”, but then in what feels like the flick of a switch, everything ‘clicks’. And it’s this kick out of solving puzzles, which is what I think you should look to tap into with your drawing. 

Something that being metaphorical allows you to do. So don’t be tricked into thinking that drawing something as everyday as a car or a bar of soap isn’t cute. With the right metaphorical reasoning behind it, there’s a good chance it’ll turn out to be far cuter than cupid’s arrows or any amount of love hearts. Moral of the story: don’t judge a book by its cover – read between the lines.

What this tells your GF: 

“My love for you is present everywhere and in everything! Take this pencil – it’s tough, blunt and straight to the point. Remind you of someone?”

pencil of a portrait drawing artist

8: Something punbelievable 

One of the most attractive things you can be is humorous. In fact, without humour I’m pretty most couples wouldn’t even survive, let alone thrive, as let’s be honest, life would be downright dull without a laugh. So, when you’re considering how to draw things for your girlfriend, humour may be something you’d look to weave in. Or even make a focal point. 

Hands down one of the easiest ways to do so would be to draw your own meme – i.e. a picture backed up by a witty caption. However, the picture itself could be virtually anything, as the subject and level of wit are completely up to you. You could make it blunt, dry witted, sarcastic or even give it a slightly more sexual slant. In the end though, what way you take it really all comes down to you knowing your GF’s sense of humour. Do that and with a meme, you can’t go far wrong.

What this tells your GF:

“Yes, I really do ‘get’ your sense of humour. So much so that to bulldoze me into the friend zone would be A HUGE mistake! Don’t do it – for your own sake!”

Want to surprise your girlfriend, but not the arty type? Let me fill the gap!

9: Create your own symbol

Language is a significant part of our life – one that we depend on virtually every waking hour. So, why not make your own? Well, not an entire language, but create a symbol with a special meaning that only you and your GF know. Do so and you’ll be in practically inducting her into your own little world. A clear sign that you don’t just see her as ‘any ordinary girl’.

What’s more, if she’s a fan of this symbolism, it could well morph into a tradition and even start to worm its way into your birthday cards, text conversations and even your home decor if it looks the part. Yep – that’s super cute!

What this tells your GF:

“While we both have lives outside our relationship, don’t forget about our own little world. The one where it’s just the two of us.” 

10: Draw something that’s dear to her heart

While there’s hundreds of nice things to draw for your girlfriend, drawing something that’s close to her heart says so much more. Remember, not all all valuables are worth £1 million plus. For many objects, their sentimental value far exceeds their real-world cost. So the perfect subject could actually have been under your nose this entire time!

Think family heir looms, special necklaces, photographs of lost relatives – that sort of thing, as no doubt they’re all worth a scribble. 

What this tells your GF:

“Nope – somehow I do actually take in all that taking you do. Hence why I know this holds a special place in your heart.”

11: Have a go at calligraphy

What with all the typing we do these days, you can’t escape the fact that hand lettering – it’s sexy! And by hand lettering I mean calligraphy, not messy scrawls you write in your diary at 5am. Take time over your letters and it’s easy to turn the English language into art.

What’s more, unlike a lot of drawings on this list, calligraphy gets straight to the point. Because it’s based around letters, there’s virtually none of this reading in-between the lines. So if your girlfriend’s quite blunt and not a fan of abstract art, then a couple of calligraphied initials should be cute enough.

What this tells your GF:

“You’re like this letter – a character that’s just perfect in every way.”

romantic calligraphy

12: Sketch two animals in love 

Anyone dating an animal lover HAS to try this! I mean, let’s face it, as mammals ourselves we can relate heavily to other animals. In fact, it’s probably the reason why children’s TV programs feature a whole host of creatures, bot real and fiction. Not only that but animals just have this knack for coaxing sound affects out of our mouths.

Sat at my drawing board I often see a pair of Doves sat on the fence having a smooch and I can’t help but emit a small ‘awww’. So if you want this reaction from your girlfriend, then drawing two animals in love wouldn’t be a bad idea! Heck, if you fancy making it personal, you could even sketch your spirit animals to add another layer to your picture. 

What this tells your GF:

“Love isn’t just a ‘human thing’ – it’s a part of nature. And you know what, there’s just something so natural about me and you”.

Why not turn a treasured photo into a piece of art? I’ll give you the credit too…

Romantic things to draw for your girlfriend: Where to use them

While there’s a lot of cute things to draw for your girlfriend, the drawing itself is only really the start. It’s what you do with it that’ll really blow her away. Now granted, you could just give her the drawing, but let’s be honest, that’s not all that creative. So read on and I’ll share with you a couple of ways to take this drawing of yours to the next level…

  • Put it on a card – If you’re that guy who always buying birthday cards, then reserving your drawing so that you can create your own, wouldn’t be a bad idea. Plus, making your own card is often cheaper than buying one too, so you could call it a win-win!

  • Special delivery – In a world where the majority of mail we receive comes through our laptop, the impact of getting physical post has skyrocketed. So aside from just casually giving her your drawing, why not wrap it up and send it as a special delivery? 

  • Frame your masterpiece – One of the easiest ways to protect your drawing is with a frame. Not only because of her majesty’s Royal Mail, but because of what it says to her when she receives it. Frame your masterpiece and it’ll scream “You can’t fold me up and throw me in your desk drawer. Display me!”. All of which ups your chances of her making your drawing a BIG deal.

  • Get it on some garms – Every man on earth knows that women are completely crackers about fashion. So why not create some fashion of your own and have your design screen printed onto a T-shirt? That way she can add to her wardrobe and at the same time make you famous as an artist… good PR tip that!

  • Wildcard: Turn it into wallpaper – Yes, you read that right. With the magic of local printer, you could even have your drawing turned into a custom wallpaper. Now obviously, whether you choose this option depends on what you draw, but if the result is something remarkably contemporary and you just so happen to be re-decorating, then this may actually be an UBER cute surprise. 

PS/ All of these strategies are for you to try at your own risk. Remember, while your drawing may be super cute, that’s not to say it’ll translate as that in every one of these scenarios. 

How to draw cute things for your girlfriend without putting pen to paper

If the thought of sending your girlfriend a cute drawing sounds appealing, but you’re struggling for time or not exactly savvy with a pencil, then thankfully there is another way.

As a professional portrait artist, drawing people is what I do best. I suppose you could call me the arty type, as even in my spare time, you’ll catch me indulging in the occasional bit off calligraphy; in my younger years I was a lettering artist for a greeting card company. 

Therefore, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to help each other out. You see, instead of struggling with your HB, you could hand the pencil work over to me, and of course in the end claim that it’s all been hand-drawn by you. It’ll be our little secret!

That way all you’d have to do is hit me up with few ideas and plan how you’re going to gift this piece of art to your special someone. That’s basically it. 

Sound like a plan? Reach out & brief me on your cute idea today!

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