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Cute Things To Draw For Your Boyfriend? Here’s 10 Cute Ideas!

What's a romantic drawing for your boyfriend? Here's how to draw yourself into your BF's heart!

Cute things to draw for your boyfriend don’t just fall out of the sky… unfortunately.

And that’s because just like us women, no two guys are the same. So just as your man may have a certain perspective on cars, life and even you – they also have their own definition of what’s ‘cute’. For one guy, this could be virtually anything you do, from your angelic puppy eyes right up to ramming curse words down his throat. In which case, you’re one of the lucky ones! Someone who, when it comes to cute things to draw for your boyfriend, could likely get away with drawing an infantile scribble. Do so and to him, it’s no doubt be a Picasso!

However, not all guys are quite so forgiving. Therefore, if yours isn’t the softie above, then chances are you’ve got a bigger job on your hands. That’s because you won’t be drawing for the ‘head over heals’ type, but instead the cheeky chappy that finds any opportunity he can to ‘take the royal mick’. In other words, a guy with a fine eye for detail. So really, getting a solid idea of what you’re going to draw and why, is essential. Otherwise, you risk your drawing quickly becoming one of those family gags.

You know, the “do you remember when…” type stories that get recycled for years on end & drilled into the minds of your future generations. Not such an issue if he’s singing your praises, but if he’s taking the mick, you may find yourself wishing you’d read this blog before putting pencil to paper. But don’t worry – you’ve got nothing to be worried about. Aside from being a professional portrait artist, I’m also female too. In which case all you all you’ve got to do is read on & I’ll reveal what I think are the top 10 cute things to draw for your boyfriend + give you some handy hints on why they’d be SO cute!

After some specific cute things to draw for your BF? Or already got an idea & wondering whether when it comes your boyfriend, cute things to draw are the way to go? Use the menu below to get clued-up on cuteness extra fast…

How to draw CUTE things for your boyfriend??

Before taking the leap into my rundown of the best cute things to draw for your BF, you need to get a clear picture in your mind of what he defines as cute. In the end, that is what we’re aiming for here, so to push on and not identify it would be a bit silly.

To give yourself the best chance possible of getting that level of ‘cute’ just right, you first need to evaluate his personality. What does he like? What does he dislike? Does anything drive him up the wall? Now, providing you know each other reasonably well, this should be pretty simple. Straight away you’ll probably have a couple of ideas of cute ideas bubbling. However, if you are struggling, here’s a couple more questions to ask yourself…

  • What is it that he likes about me? There’s plenty other fish in the sea – why me?
  • Are there any subjects that he softens to? Is he compassionate? A family man?
  • What can he not go without? (aside from you)
  •  Is there anything that’s particularly close to her heart?
  • What’s his style? Nerdy? Vintage? Street-style? The rugged Johnny Depp look?

Jot down your answers and you should immediately be far more clued up on the best things to draw for your boyfriend. All of which should up your chance of selecting your subject wisely, opposed to just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Need a helping hand with a drawing for your BF? I’m a trained artist...

Why is it good to know cute things to draw for your boyfriend?

Let’s face it, drawing is rare these days. So much so that simply the act of drawing something for your partner, is more spontaneous than it ever has been. Then again, it’s not like it’s any surprise. In a world of computers, emojis and white light, something handcrafted on a piece of paper is, to many of us, a refreshing change. Why do you think people come to me for personalised portraits?

Exactly. And that’s why something as old school as a drawing could well be all that’s needed to make you stand out from those ‘other girls’. In other words, have him see you as a rare specimen that he’d be a downright fool to let go. Think I’m talking trash? Here’s a few reasons that why for impressing your boyfriend, cute things to draw should be at the top of your list…

  • Drawings can diffuse arguments – We’ll get the most awkward out of the way first. There’s no getting round the fact that relationships can get a bit choppy at times. And by that I mean that words aren’t necessarily the best way to heal the wound. In fact, if you’re reading this in the aftermath of argument, I’d suggest you keep your cake hole shut & focus on drawing something cute. Reason being that showing her that you’re sorry, opposed to repeating it for the umpteenth time, may be all that’s needed to get through to her. In some respects, you could say that drawing and art is very much a second language.
  • Art is sexy – Art isn’t just about creating some pretty patterns on a page – oh no! The whole backbone of art comes back to expression. In other words, it’s a very emotive past-time. Why do you think it’s often used as therapy for those suffering from mental illness? It’s an outlet. One that lets you express yourself freely on the page. So to say it’s a gateway to your inner self wouldn’t be far wrong. It also take a lot of guts to spill your feelings out onto paper. Something that (in his eyes) could make you appear confident and sure of yourself. Tow traits that to most guys are unbelievably sexy!
  • Drawings are spontaneous – Want to stick in his head? Then spontaneity is something you’re going to want to deploy. Fact remains that life is meant to be an adventure, and adventures themselves aren’t always predictable. Exactly why drawing a cute thing for your boyfriend when he least expects it, can be one of the best things that you can do. Why? Because it keeps him interested. I’ll let you into a little secret – as much as us girls enjoy the thrill of the chase, so do guys! They’re just too ‘manly’ to admit it.

10 cute things to draw for your boyfriend

1: His car

C’mon girls – it’s no secret that aside from with us, most guys also have a serious relationship with their car. Something that if you ask me, is because a car is much like a house. It says SO much about you! Really then, you’re best thinking of it as a metallic version of your Mr Right. Exactly why drawing it is such a good idea.

Guys who’re incredibly passionate about their cars, are also likely to express the same passion towards you, if you show their 4 wheels some love. If you man attends car meets on the regular then I’m sorry but, this is a ‘MUST’! Trust me, if your BF is a petrolhead, this is hands-down one of the cutest things that you can draw for your boyfriend.

What this tells your BF: Babe – I’m lucky to be chauffeured around in such a a swagtastic ride. And I know it. Your car is ace… just like you!

cute things to draw for guys

2: Your symbol

From my experience most couples can resinate with some sort of symbol. Be it a simple heart or something with a bit more of a story behind it. I know me and my hubby do. Ours is a heart made of Xs that we write in each others cards & have done now for a lot of years on end.

If you’re not too sure what you’re symbol might be, try this. Look back at all the gifts he’s bought you since you met. Is there a common theme? Perhaps a common symbol on a necklace or charm on a bracelet. When you first met, was there any sort of symbol involved in that? Or is there just something you both find particularly amusing? If not, no worries – if anything, that’s good!

In the case you don’t have a ‘coupley’ symbol, drawing something cute for your boyfriend is a great time to create one. Reason? Not only could you kickstart a trend, but you (crucially) also beat him to it. All of which means that you get the say over what this cute symbol is. That way you’re happy & all he has to do is latch on and follow suit.

What this tells your BF: We’ve got something strong. So strong that I’ve felt the need to create us a cute brand that only me & you understand.

Not got the time to do such an intricate drawing? Let me do it for you!

3: Get in touch with his nerdy side

Everyone’s nerdy about something! So an easy way to stumble upon cute things to draw for your boyfriend is to simply identify it. For some guys, this may be fantasy orientated like Star Wars or Star Trek. While for others, it could be something a bit more niche. For instance, some guys could be HUGE bookworms, or just have a fascination with a certain pop star.

Point being, whatever this is hunt it down, identify it and draw it. Even if it isn’t cute in your eyes, the fact that you’ve taken the time to draw something that he cares deeply about, should go a long way. After all, relationships are all about loving people because of all their quirks, so by celebrating his nerdy side, you’ll likely worm your way deeper into his heart. You can thank me later :)

What this tells your BF: I don’t just like you. I like you for being you! I’m not here to try and change you. Just like Bruno Mars, I love you just the way you are.

4: Turn him into a caricature

If what you’ve got going between you and your BF involves a lot of banter, then drawing a caricature of him may be just the way to tickle his funny bone. Why? Because it allows you to both ‘take the mick’ and potentially even get across some points that you wouldn’t want to say in person. For instance, if your BF is a talker (i.e. never stops for air), then you could draw him with a gigantic mouth. Or if you’re in a pretty fresh relationship and are struggling to tell him how much you find him attractive, draw him with super big muscles.

But the possibilities don’t end there. See him as your superhero & you could draw him as that. Dress him in a Superman cape and he should get the message. Heck, drawing a caricature of your BF could even be a subtle way to hint that you’re looking for him to propose. Draw him with a ring on the correct finger. See if he notices. If so, then you may have just sent him a subliminal message.

What this tells your BF: I know everything about you & your character. How do you think I’ve managed to get the proportions of this caricature spot on?!

5: An embarrassing picture from his younger years

Every guy has that photo. You know, the one they want to remain locked safely in the family history box, never to be removed. And that’s exactly why I’d encourage you to take a trip over to his parent’s house and remove it. Now, just to be clear, I’m not in ANY way advising that you steal this picture, more mention in polite conversation to his parents that you’d love to borrow it. And don’t be afraid of them saying no.

Why do you think it was that picture they thrust in your face the moment they met you? Making their son blush gives them a real kick! I should know. If my son’s girlfriend came round asking to do the same, I’d be on board before you could say “Let’s get going!” You see, although we may comes across quite straight laced, most parents (me included) are partial to a bit of mischief. Exactly why drawing an embarrassing picture is such a good call. Not only does it help you get closer with his seniors, but it also gives you the element of surprise. Something that when it comes to keeping a relationship alive, goes a long way.

What this tells your BF: Don’t’ underestimate me boy – I have plenty tricks up my sleeve. Oh, and by the way, me and your parents are closer then you think!

6: Your hands intertwined

Sometimes a cliche is really all you need. Hence why hands are often a good shout if you;re searching for cute things to draw for your boyfriend. Aside from being symbolic of unison and ‘togetherness’, hands also tell you an awful lot about someone. In fact, that’s why Henry Moore drew so many of them! They say so much.

So safe to say that if you’re looking for a way to express deep love and admiration, then drawing two hands clasped tightly would most likely do the ticket. Although, if you wanted to take it a step further, instead of the classic single hand hold, you could draw a pair of them from above. A better angle if you ask me, as there’s a good chance you hands would be like this if you were to dance or reach in for a kiss. Both romantic situations that you can almost suggest by drawing a pair of hands in this way. Ideal if you want your drawing to lead to one of those ‘special’ moments.

What this tells your BF: You make me feel whole. You know, I almost feel like we’re one. Something I sincerely hope you do too!

Not the most savvy with a pencil? I’ll do your portrait for you!

7: Make your drawing a memorial

Life is full of ups and downs, and relationships are no exception. This is why if your BF’s going through a bit of a rough time, then drawing something that’s dear to his heart, is likely to go a long way. I’d especially recommend this if your BF has recently experienced a family loss or bereavement. Not by any means the nicest of times, however one that you could make better by drawing what we call in the art industry, a memorial portrait.

This is basically a picture where someone who’s passed is ‘drawn in’ to a recent picture. All of which helps to give the illusion that they never left. Something that they haven’t done in your heart. They say actions speak louder than words and in this instance, I think that’s especially true. You can say you’re ‘sorry for their loss’ as many times as you want, but it’ll never quite have the same impact as you showing it, by (in a way) reuniting his family unit. That’s something that warrants a tight hug & likely to become a lasting memory for years to come.

What this tells your BF: Hey – I recognise you’re not in the best of mental states right now, but I just wanted you to know that we’re in this together.

8: Calligraph your way to his heart

If you have something to say, but want to do so in an artistic manner, then calligraphy could be the perfect go-between. In fact, there’s very few artistic ways of expressing yourself through words, but calligraphy is one of them. In my early years, I was actually a calligraphy artist for a greeting card company, so I’m well aware of the impact that calligraphy can have. It’s lettering with decorum & an added bit of class… you don’t write this in a Bic!!

Exactly why I think as far cute thing to draw for your boyfriend go, calligraphy is up there with the best. The main reason being that it’s actually quite unexpected. These days, with computers and texting, calligraphy has very much taken a back seat. Call it one of those fine arts that the digital revolution has suddenly made a lot more niche. Plus, in most instances it’s far more ‘to the point’ than a drawing. With calligraphy there’s no real reading into what’s been said. You just say what you think.

All-in-all it’s a very ‘open’ art that’s got a purpose of doing one thing – having IMPACT! So if you’re blunt type who’s not afraid to say how they feel, then calligraphy will likely be right up your street.

What this tells your BF: Accept it – I love you. I’m not going to hide it or try and brainwash you with subliminal hints. Just spice up the way it’s written.

9: Design your own comic strip

When you really look at it, our lives are a story. One that starts when we’re born and ends when the Grim Reaper finally gets his way. So why not turn your life into a comic strip? Now, at first glance this may seem a bit farfetched, but if you’ve been in a relationship for a long while, this could arguably the cutest thing to draw for your boyfriend – period. Why? Because it’s the ideal way to get across just how much you’ve been through together. In fact, I’d say it’s hard to beat.

Design your comic strip and what you’re essentially doing, is laying out your lives since you met. Reminding him of key moments that you shared together, plus maybe even suggesting what you think lies ahead. Sunsets and rainbows… hopefully! Not only that but it also tells him that for you, what you have is very real. There’s few better ways to let a guy know that you see a future with him than practically showing him it through a comic strip.

Equally, you could take it less seriously and simply retell a funny moment that you makes you both chuckle. Perhaps a time he was trying to impress you? Or just a comical moment that you’ve shared together. Either way, however you use a comic strip, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s spontaneous. Something all relationships are in need of. Cheers to that!

What this tells your BF: “Our story is that unique it should be published. We’ve come such a long way, but question is, where will we go next?” (dramatic pause)

romantic comic strip of 2 lovers

10: Draw your future selves

Bit of an ambitious one this, especially if you’re a pretty ‘fresh’ couple, but nevertheless it can lead to some humorous results. That’s because there’s no rule that say you’ve got to take it seriously. So, you could draw yourself as a slightly more mature version of the glamour model that you already are. Yet, providing of course he’s open top banter, draw him in a slightly less flattering light. Perhaps give him a double chin because he’s always nibbling at the biscuits or a bald patch that matches that of his Dad.

But seriously, because it’s drawing the future, you’ve virtually got free rein over what you do. So while you could draw the above, you could also make your drawing a bit more cliche. That being the typical hug or hand hold. A pose like the comic strip above might be a nice idea. All of which is going to immediately make him see that what you have isn’t (in your eyes) a short term thing. So much so that you’re willing to almost proclaim that through a picture. Something not a lot of Gfs would have the guts to do.

So if you go ahead with this idea – hats off to you!

PS/ Looking for a way to get him to propose? Give both your future selves wedding bands and that may do the trick.

I’ve been in the art industry for over 30 years! Want me to draw your BF?

Cute things to draw your boyfriend: where to use them?

When you really look at it, there’s a decent amount of cute things to draw for your boyfriend. The only thing is that the drawing could just be the start. By that I mean, to present your Mr Right with a spectacular drawing is one thing, but to be a bit more creative about it, is something else altogether. So continue reading and I’ll show you a couple ways of how to make your drawing into something even more cute…

  • Put it on a card – Always buying your BF birthday or Christmas cards? If so, why not save your drawing and set about making your own greeting card? Not only does this have a far more personal touch, but it’ll no doubt catch the attention of his parents. Let’s face it, today such creativity is actually quite rare. Plus, you could also use this as a practical joke. Draw an embarrassing photo from his younger years (as above – No5) and you can almost certainly guarantee that his face will be a picture when he opens the envelope. Worth getting your camera to catch if you ask me.

  • Special delivery – In todays tech-savvy world, where the majority of post we get now comes via email, to get something by post is a BIG occasion. Compared to 20 years ago, postal surprises are a lot less expected. Exactly why I’d say that mailing your drawing out to your boyfriend, wrapped up as a special delivery, is something worth considering. Or if you want ton be a bit more ‘low key’ about it, why not save a brown envelope from a household bill and disguise it in that. A hand drawn portrait is the last thing you’d expect from British Gas!

  • Frame your masterpiece – If you want to make sure your BF displays your drawing & doesn’t toss it in a dusty drawer, presenting it in a frame would be a wise idea. Do so and you’ll be subconsciously telling them that the picture is for display. Not only that, but it’ll also ensure your picture remains straight and protected. The last thing you want is for your masterpiece to be creased to high heaven.

  • Get it on some garms – Yes, us women are crackers about fashion. But as far as I can tell, so is the modern man. Now granted, not all men have a good fashion sense, but you can’t deny that they’ve come a long way from the suited-up bowler hat-wearing guys of previous generations. Fashion is so much more varied nowadays to the point at which no two guys look the same! Therefore, getting your drawing printed onto a T-shirt would (providing it’s flattering & the T-shirt fits) likely go down as a nice gift. Plus, if you draw yourself in to the picture, you’ve basically turned your BF into a giant walking billboard, advertising your external love for one another… how cute is that??!

  • Wildcard: Turn it into wallpaper – Now this of course will depend on what you draw, but if you just so happen to be moving in together & at the stage of designing your house, why not go kamikaze and make your drawing the heart of your feature wall. Keep it quiet and this could well go down as one of the cutest surprises you’ve ever performed. And even if he’s not a fan, you can always turn it into an uber cute Instagram moment.

PS/ All the suggestions above are for you to try at your own risk. Just remember, while your sketch may be super cute, that’s not to say that it’ll translate well to all these scenarios.

How to draw cute things for your boyfriend without putting pen to paper

Now, if the thought of sending your BF a cute drawing sounds appealing, but time isn’t on your side – don’t worry, there is another way.

If you haven’t already twigged, I’m a professional portrait artist who specialises in drawing people just like you. So, you could say I’m quite savvy with a pencil. And that’s because not only have I been drawing for well over 30 years, but I’ve also spent a large part of career in the art industry; in my younger years I was a lettering artist for a greeting card company!

Therefore, there’s a good chance that we’ll be able to help each other out. In fact, I could be your secret weapon. A way for you to get your hands on a personalised portrait for your BF, without even having to lift a finger. That way you can concentrate on how to make the gift of your portrait super spectacular, while I do all the hard work.

It’ll be out little secret! Brief me on your plans today…

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