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Ask Karen, the portrait artist behind the blog...

There’s a simple reason I take the time to share all these art blogs and drawing articles with you. And that’s because as portrait artist, I realise just how much can be achieved using nothing more than a humble pencil crayon. A medium of art that I think a lot of us underestimate.

So yes, this drawing blog is a homage to the pencil crayon, but it’s also like a digital textbook. Somewhere where I can share my insight into drawing and (hopefully because blogs are ‘down with the kids’) encourage a new generation of artists to get behind their talents.

Plus, doing so allows us to get to know each other a bit better and you to see more of my work, so where’s the harm in that?

Any of you who’ve read up about me, will know that my daily routine isn’t what you’d call normal. So as you can imagine, neither is how I post on my drawing blog. Call them spontaneous art blogs if you will.

Basically, when I have a quiet moment, I sit down and share some insight. So if I go through a quiet patch, don’t see it as me slacking off – be intrigued. Chances are, it means I’m head-deep in a portrait and that a lot of you guys are getting in touch.

A reason to stick around if you ask me.

As I said before, the main reason behind this blog is to inspire a new generation of portrait artists. So, the majority of what I post will mostly be hands tips, tricks or ‘how to’ guides – basically me doing all I can to help you become your best artistic self

For me, art’s been a lot of things: a lifeline, creative outlet and a learning curve. It’s also taught me more about myself than any professor did at school. So, I feel that passing on this wisdom is the least I can do.

Keep drawing guys!

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